Visual Novel

by MrReclusive

2 Playable Dev Demo’s Available.


One thing we have always wanted to do is a visual novel, we have started a few over the years, but they cause issues as we don’t get the feedback like we get with our comics because the amount of time it takes just to develop an hour of story. and the comics already take up so much time its hard to split that time.

But we are going to release one. 

So we would like your opinion on what you would be interested in. 


Kayla Universe (Companion Story) – Their is the opportunity to add additional, non main story elements to the next series in kayla. For the visual novel you would be in college, With Kayla, as well as many other not written about characters that will be coming in the next series. Kayla would be a friend path but not a romantical path in this story. 


Kayla Alternate Universe – Their has been an alternate universe for Kayla written, It is a bit of a darker story but less taboo, Kayla would be a romance option in this story, aswell as Chloe, Serenity, Taylor, Etc.


Movie Universe – This delves more into the over world of these stories, The Actors/Actress part of it all, you would start as a low level employee working for a film studio and you would be working your way up. in this you would have interactions with the every possible character we have, you would have “parts” in the stories, this is very open ended and you would have a romance option with every cast member, male and female, aswell as get the choose to play as a male or female.


The Root Underground – This story has actually been started, has a fair amount of content already, was actually intented to be released as a web VN for free on the site, but the old server coulden’t keep up with the demand, I may try it on this new server. Its action adventure, Has ALLOOOT of adult content, hell the opening scenes contain a full on choice driven 3way with Taylor and this amazing beautiful Asian woman.  this story does get dark and emotional, but its main story revolves around sex, and allot of it :).


Survivor – This one has also been started, but not as far along as TRU, This story delves into the dark places in our minds, it was started when I hit a pretty low point a few months back. Contains allot  Characters and romance options, and allot of new characters, very adult, but also very emotional. It is scripted to a point, but also has allot of free roam and side quests.

Complete dev build, Built for development and skipping, ends abruptly in the middle of a sex scene.

Just start with normal and let it run through till it ends. 

Prof of concept build. short, like 10 minutes, doesn’t really even touch on the whole premise of the idea yet.

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