by MrReclusive

Site Update Info

So over the years we have built up allot of content, ALLOT.

On deviant art alone we have over 1,200 posts, and only about half of what is created make it on their.

For those who know us and talk to use know we treat our characters as actors and actresses, as we got attached to our characters it made it easier to write certain situations for them.

So we have decided to take that concept to the next level and work more on their lives outside of the stores and create its own little world outside of the comics and stories they were created for, this will allow for more random content and site stories and also helps with explain allot of the random images that will be posted as some don’t pertain to any active story.

This is a big project and will take some time, this page will be used to update everyone on the progress of this change to the site and what has been completed.

All old content should remain intact during this process.

Stage 1

Actor / Actress Profiles

We are starting by revamping and reworking things to work around the actors and actresses.
The Profiles and Professions is the start of this.
We are starting with Kayla and Chloe Characters. Olivia (Kayla), Zoey (Chloe), Christy (Nicole), John (James), and Jack (Unnamed, Kayla’s Step dad)
Also slowly working on correcting and redirecting galleries (Photoshoots) and everything while we do this.

We are also bringing patreon content over to the site, with patreon subscription you will be able to access patreon content on this site as well as on patreon.

Stage 2

Tabloids / Modeling

Once profiles are complete we will be implementing a celebrity gossip type tabloid series as well as increasing modeling jobs (more content for you!)

We will continue to bring in more character profiles during this.


Stage 3

Actor / Actress Revival

We plan to revive and bring back some older characters, this has already started but is a slow process and will take some time.

List of Characters to revive.