QuaranTeen and Tiffany?

by MrReclusive


QuaranTeen has been showing for a few months now, and has quickly become a fan favorite. Started simply enough with a young beautiful woman exposing herself to her boyfriend over a webcam. She is quickly ‘saved’ by her stepbrother, or so she thought…


The story has taken a few interesting turns since the start, but nothing compared to what has been uncovered in a few leaks from the set this week. 


The 2 person cast has officially been joined by a 3rd, currently known only as Tiffany. It was thought she was their to keep separation between Sarah and Cory, but that may not be the case.


When she first appeared she was dressed in a sweater, leaving everything to the imagination, kind of unkempt hair and glasses, spoke in an uncertain manor but readily snapped back at Cory after a snarky comment he made. 


However, from some of the leaked images, it appears tiffany undergoes a drastic appearance change. Revealing a much more adult  appearance with the black eyeshadow and red lipstick.


Combine that with a beautiful tight fitting dress that lifts and shows her small, yet supple breasts. She still appears to be showing a insecure and shy attitude here,  and doesn’t flaunt herself the way Sarah does in this image, But does reveal that a cute and sexy young woman was hidden behind the sweater and glasses.


Up till now this story has been mostly teasing and a little sexual tension, but this next leaked image shows that is about to change.




 We wish we had more details on this image, and what is exactly happening, The studio declined a comment but did confirm these leaks are real.  Seeing this last image we are even more excited to see the progression of this show and what else is in store for Sarah and Tiffany.

We have tried finding out more about the woman playing tiffany, but as of now still have had no luck. We are hoping for an image series soon like we got for sarah.

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