Olivia Harper

by MrReclusive

Olivia Harper


Full Name:   Olivia Rose Harper

Birthday:   October 17, 1999

Height:   5’8″

Weight:   124lbs


Food: Chicken, Chines, Tacos, Ice cream.

Music: Classical and Instrumental.

Books: 1984, The Stand, Through the Looking-Glass.

Movies: Alice in Wonderland, The Matrix.


Food: Seafood, Cake, Chocolate.

Music: Rap.


Olivia is a very strong willed, independent, and Intelligent woman.


Graduating Highschool at the age of 16, and earning her B.S in psychology at 19. She continues to advance her education in Business Administration, and Marketing.


Born in a small town in Oklahoma to a middle class family, she has seen the struggles her parents went through and swore she would do anything she could to change that.


She still lives with her parents, 18 year old sister, and 16 year old brother.  But now in a home she paid for using what she earned acting and through other business ventures.


Type: Actress, Modeling, Advertising.

Status: Active

Current Role: Kayla

Current Project(s):

Kayla: A Week With Grandpa – Day Six (Filming)

Chloe: A New Life (Filming)

Subscriber Thank You Set 3 (Shooting, Partial Release, Private)

Upcoming Projects

“A Summers End” 2nd Kayla Project. (Preproduction)

An untitled 3rd Kayla Project. (Planned)

Past Projects

Kayla: A Week With Grandpa – Day 1 (Released, Public)

Kayla: A Week With Grandpa – Day 2 (Released, Public)

Kayla: A Week With Grandpa – Day 3 and 4 (Released, Public)

Kayla: A Week With Grandpa – Day 5 (Released, Public)

Website Pre-Release Photo Shoot (Released, Public)

Website Release Photo Shoot (Released, Public)

Subscriber Thank You Set 1 (Released, Private)

Subscriber Thank You Set 2 (Released, Private)

Content Accepted

Substance: Alcohol.

Violence: Mild Violence.

Nudity: Partial and Full.

MF Sexuality: Touching, Intimacy, Kissing, Sex, Suggestive, Strong Sexual Content.

FF Sexuality: Touching, Intimacy, Kissing, Suggestive.

Content Refused

Substance: Tobacco, Drugs.

Violence: Extreme Violence, Torture.

MF Sexuality: Rape, BDSM.

FF Sexuality: Sex, Strong Sexual Content, Rape, BDSM.


Kayla: A Week With Grandpa

A Week with Grandpa follows Kayla as she spends a week with her grandfather, Normally kept a very close eye on and restricted by her mother, This week will be a very eye opening experience for Kayla as she experienced new places, new activities, and new feelings.


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