Kayla The Final Chapter?

by MrReclusive

Kayla: A Week With Grandpa

It is no secret that Day 6 of Kayla: A Week With Grandpa is the final chapter of this particular story arc. So what does this mean for kayla fans? It has been confirmed on multiple occasions that this will all end on a cliff hanger, so this is not the end of kayla’s story.


The next part of Kayla is supposed to take place a few months after the end of A Week With Grandpa, and will also feature Chloe as a main character along with Kayla’s step father. We don’t know to much of the dynamic between the two, but we are pretty sure you shouldn’t expect anything between Kayla and her Stepfather, at least nothing like with grandpa.


We have already seen that Day 6 is building up to be a very erotic and beautiful ending for this first part of Kayla’s story, and I am sure there is still a few more surprised in store for us.


We already know we will see Kayla in college at some point, so that should mean there is at least 2 more parts to Kayla. We also know there will be a break between the end of A Week With Grandpa before the start of the next part, This has been brought up any time anyone asks the status of Chloe: A New Life, Which will continue production as soon as soon as AWWG ends production to continue showing side by side with Kayla.


It has also been mentioned that Chloe’s return will be under a different name, “Nexus”. Not sure the reasoning behind this or the significance of the name, but as the name nexus also appeared in the coffee shop, this name seems to have significance to the world.

We will update when ever we have more news, but this is all we know at the current time.

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