Lorna Hernandez

by MrReclusive

Lorna Hernandez


Full Name:  Lorna Maria Hernandez

Birthday:   August 25, 1993

Age:   27

Height:   5’4″

Weight:   145lbs

Measurements: 38-28-40 D-Cup


Food: Mexican food , Hamburgers , steaks , chicken and all fruits.

Music: Rock , Rap , Classical ,Country , Pop.

Books: Anything by C.S. Lewis , Anything by Dean Koontz.

Movies: Star wars 1-9 , Disney movies , Older Romance movies , Firefly.


Food: tomato soup , spinach , brussel sprouts

Music: Death metal , punk

Books: The communist manifesto , Where the red fern grows

Movies: American beauty , Ironman 3 , any of the Scary movie Franchise


Lorna is a happily married Bi currious woman with a loving and supportive wife. She has always loved video games and is a nerd at heart.

Lorna graduated at 18 years old and went on to work at a big box shopping chain. Her passion for helping people lead her to become a nurse before she got into the entertainment industry. She dabbles in politics and plans on using the money she makes to give to charities around the world.

Ken in a small town in Colorado Lorna got to see what life was about watching her loving parents build a small business and have some success. She’s very religious growing up Catholic. When she was younger she went through some trauma but is now coming out of her shell to be a part if the world again.


Lorna and her wife still live in the town she grew up in and regularly spend time with her family. Her parents and her older brother who introduced her to video games and all things nerdy.


Type: Actress, Writer, Director.

Status: Active

Current Role: Valentina

Current Project(s):

Testing Limits


Upcoming Projects


Past Projects

Content Accepted

Substance: Alcohol.

Violence: While gratuitous violence is not preferred. She’ll accept any level as long as it is important to the story.

Nudity: Partial and Full.

MF Sexuality: Touching, Intimacy, Kissing, Sex, Suggestive, Strong Sexual Content, Rape, BDSM.

FF Sexuality: Touching, Intimacy, Kissing, Sex, Suggestive, Strong Sexual Content, Rape, BDSM.

Content Refused

Substance: Tobacco, Drugs.

Violence: Snuff, Death*

MF Sexuality: Anal.

FF Sexuality: Anal.


Testing Limits


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