Interview – Olivia Harper (Kayla)

by MrReclusive

Host: Good Evening, How are you tonight?

Olivia: I am doing very well thank you!

Host: So it’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Olivia: That it has. Two years, Four Months, and 2 days to be exact.

Host: So your 21 now correct?

Olivia: I am, But in the story Kayla is still 18, For Now.

Host: Spoilers?

Olivia: Well I don’t want to give away to much. But now that its returning it has gone through some rewrites and has been extended way beyond its original 7 day time frame.

Host: Well that’s good to hear, I am sure the fans will be happy to hear that as well.

Olivia: I sure hope so, over the past few years all I have heard from people is when is Kayla coming back? when are we getting more Kayla?

Host: So what happened anyways?

Olivia: Well everyone’s life got a little crazy their for awhile and working on our little story just didn’t seem like it was the best for us at the time.

Host: So things are good now?

Olivia: Well not perfect, but good for the most part.

Host: Well that’s good to hear. So first question I have about Kayla. Whats with the tool songs?

Olivia: *Chuckles* Well. You see.. The writer obviously likes Tool, But even more then that theirs a…. Gotta be careful what I say here as this is an adult story..
Theirs a “foundation” that posts cover videos on youtube, and of course they do some tool songs. And theirs a particular vocalist used on a few of the tool songs. “Sober”, “46 & 2”, and “The Pot”. Her vocals are just amazing, and the writer always envisioned me singing like she does…. and no the likeness in name was not intentional.

Host: From the very first chapter, Kayla starts changing her appearance. Whats the reasoning behind that?

Olivia: Well I think allot of it is apparent. But she never was able to express herself growing up, she was always told what to wear, how to act and wasn’t allowed to do or watch anything without her mothers say, so she is missing allot of that self expression and self discovery. and her grandfather gives her that freedom so she tries everything she can while she is their.

Host: Is that also what leads to the, Ill say crush..

Olivia: For the most part yes. Growing up she was either in home school, private school, or all girls school so she never got to really experience boys. so the combination of that and the freedom to express herself, filled her with all kinds of new, and misplaced emotions.

Host: and what about his reactions and advancements in all this.

Olivia: That’s a tricky one. He never had a daughter of his own, so when kayla came into his life when she was little it was the greatest thing for him, he absolutely adored her.
But over the years their time together became minimal so the closeness dwindled, and when they did get the chance to spend time together, he always tried really hard to make up for lost time and give her the freedom she never got at home. But it was that freedom he was given her that drove the distance between them because her mother didn’t like it.

Host: So when she came to stay with him….

Olivia: It wasn’t what he thought it would be. He expected his little adorable grand daughter, but what he got was this 18 year old woman. No matter how much he tries, that little girl just disappears and hes left with a beautiful, blossoming, sexual, 18 year old woman. Her confusion makes it worse, each time she teases him, or kisses him, or even gives him the lustful look, it further causes him conflict.

Host: Whats your take on the whole thing?

Olivia: Well.. Age difference relationships have always been around. Although a bit extreme, If Kayla’s mother never met his son. and they just happened to find each other randomly in the world and start a romantic relationship, no one would really thing much of it. Its the history and family dynamic that causes the issue in this story.

Host: So obviously up to this point in the story, some sexual things have already happened. What was that like for you?

Olivia: Well. John, the actor who plays grandpa, is a really sweet man, and gentle. I was a little scared at first, I was 18 when we started this, but once things started and unfolded, i didn’t and don’t have a problem with any of it, hes a great guy, I wish I could date a guy like him.

Host: Would you?

Olivia: What date john?. if he was closer to my age, yes, but their is conversation that takes place in day 5 that is kind of how i feel about it.

Host: Can you tell us about it?

Olivia: Sadly no, you will have to wait and see, should be out soon.

Host: So I have to ask. Do they ever actually do anything other then tease each other?

Olivia: Ha!, Well I can tell you this. Yes, they do, i think that’s kind of obvious given the premise of the story, but I cant tell you when.

Host: Day 5?

Olivia: Well its funny you mention that. originally yes. but after the rewrite…. Its funny because that was already done.. like, completely.

Host: So you had sex?

Olivia: Uh huh. It was scrapped though. I think part of raw footage is out their, but i think you have to pay to see it. I think they are planning on releasing the edited story version later as a deleted scene, but i don’t think that will be until after the story is further along, probably after the conclusion of the week and we move on into the next part.

Host: Can you give us any details on the next part.

Olivia: Well I cant say to much. But its a little further into the future. This week ends pretty dramatically, and their is allot of emotion, tension, uncertainty, and sadness involved. But things get better in part 2.

Host: So before we end this for today, I have 2 more questions. First, can you give us anything on day 5?

Olivia: Its an emotional roller coaster, for both of them.

Host: I hear you are working on something else as well.

Olivia: Their is something else, Its a visual novel, that has been in the works for a few months now, and we are hoping to have something out 2021.

Host: Well thank you for joining us tonight Olivia, I look forward to talking with you again soon.

Host: Check back next week when we talk to Taylor Olson. Is she finally doing something where shes not horrifically raped and abused??

Host: And feel free to send in your questions for the Taylor or the next time we have Olivia on!