Early Access

by MrReclusive

Early Access to Kayla is now available on Patreon and Subscribestar



No I am not going to stop releasing Kayla for free, Will still continue releasing 1 page a week.
However. I am offering if you don’t want to wait, to subscribe to either patreon or subscribestar to get early access.
@ $1 you get 2 weeks early.
@ $5 you get 6 weeks early.
@ $10 you get access as I finalize them. at this rate could end up a year ahead.
each level will also get access to level specific renders.
$5 and $10 will get access to never released pages (original day 5)
$5 and $10 will also get varying beta access and updates to The Root Underground.

Currently up to page 6 is available for $1, Up to 12 is available for $5.

Day 5 Part 1 (pages 1 through 16) are available for $10. With the start of Part 2 being posted here in about an hour.

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