Dark City Stories – Part 5 Marking Her Territory

by Shadow Spryte

By Shadow Spryte

August , 01 , 2020 1: 24 PM Los Angeles
Jillian was standing just outside the sound stage smoking a cigarette when her old pal Charles was walking by. He didn’t notice her because he was fumbling around with a small back pack he was carrying.

” Hey bro! What are you doing in this part of town? ” Jillian called out.

With a look of satisfied surprise Charles looked over to Jillian and said back.

” Hey! What’s up girl it’s been over two years since I’ve seen you. Damn JJ You are lookin FINE! What are YOU doing here in THIS part of town is the question. I’m here making a delivery. You know them Hollywood types need their blow. ” He said patting his backpack.

” You asked what I’m doing here? Man are living in a cave? Im not JJ any more I go by Jillian. I’m a movie star now. I’ve even got a movie hitting theatres next week. Its called Angelic Evil. Have you heard of it? “

” Naw, I can’t say that I have I really don’t care about movies much. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll go see this one that you are in. That’s cool JJ. Congrats. Look I’d love to bull shit with you all day but uh, I got to go. Lots of deliveries ya know. “

Jillian and Charles gave each other a quick shoulder hug. Charles started to walk away then suddenly stopped and turned back to Jillian.

” Yo , hey JJ. I have a question. ” Charles said.

” Shoot. ” Jillian said jokingly holding her hand like a gun.

” You don’t know of any girl turning eighteen like on the twenty fifth of this month do you. “

” Are you looking for date? ” Jillian joked. ” That’s interesting, why turning eighteen on that day? “

Charles walked back over to Jillian and said in a lower voice.

” There is some guy who said he would pay five hundred K for a woman who turns eighteen on the twenty fifth of this month. And here’s the strange part , word is he has passed out a list of twenty women with different descriptions . Like all shapes, sizes, and such. But there’s no money if she doesn’t have a birthday on the twenty fifth. “

” Freaky! I’ve heard of strange things like that but not quite that strange. ” Jillian exclaimed.

” Damn, lower your voice girl. Well with you ain’t bangin any more and – “

Jillian interrupted him . ” Woah, woah, woah! I was never a banger, I just hung out with a lot of em. ” Jillian paused and then laughed. ” Did I just say a lot of em? Hehe, a lot of them. ” She clarified.

” Well in any case I need a woman who has that birthday and is five foot , three inches tall with measurements of thirty six – twenty four – thirty six. Heres my number if by a miracle you come across this person give me call. I only ask because if you’re a movie star you prolly come across a lot of ladies in this business. ” Charles said in a hushed tone as he handed Jillian a small piece of paper.

” Well , I’m, if I see someone like that I’ll call you. But , I’m a different person now so I don’t know if I could do something like that anymore. “

Charles shook his head and said. Well I understand. Its hard to try and find someone who fits the bill and someone I’d be willing to send to a hellish life. I mean that’s cold. “

” Hey I meant to ask you a few minutes ago. Are you in business for yourself or are you working for someone? ” Jillian asked.

Charles laughed and slapped his knee.
” Well remember when we used? Yeah well now I work for our old supplier. “

” You work for Gerald? ” Jillian asked.
” Hmm, well tell him hi for me. I’m sorry though, I need to go. I’m doing a test screening today. See ya Charles. “

” Take it easy. ” Charles said as he waved goodbye.

Jillian went back inside the studio and looked at her script one more time in preparation for her test screening. As she sat there reading her lines she had some second thoughts about the movie she was doing the test screen for. After her rise to stardom she recently got an agent and she said that she should branch out and do a  as of yet unnamed Sci-fi TV series . Jillian had done a reading at a casting call last week and was invited back for some test screenings. She put down her script when she saw Kelly Anderson walk in the door. Jillian and Kelly had never met but Kelly just rubbed Jillian the wrong way.

Kelly was the youngest winner of the MeTV talent contest two years ago. It is a local TV show that runs in Los Angeles.
Kelly was a singer and dancer.

Jillian thought that Kelly was just fake. Kelly is always friendly and syrupy sweet. She always had her hair dyed a teal green. On the MeTV show when asked why her hair was that color, she said it was her mother’s favorite color and it was a way for her to show her mother respect because she had died when Kelly was ten. Whether this story was true or not it just sounded cliche and fake. Jillian wasn’t having any of it.

Jillian decided to concentrate on her lines when Kelly walked up to her speaking as she waved.

” Hi. I’m Teal. “

Without looking up from her script Jillian said.” I thought your name was Kelly. ” She said with strained politeness.

” Oh you know little Ol me? Yes that is correct my name is Kelly Anderson. But I noticed that a lot of my fans starting calling me Teal on their Bleater pages. I thought it was so cute that I just went with it. ” Teal said with a bright smile. ” Are you trying to be a movie star to? ” Teal asked trying to make conversation.

Jillian raised an eyebrow. ” I’m Jillian Helena Hart. Co-starring in the movie Angelic Evil coming out next week. “

” Oh my , I’m so sorry , I , um , didn’t mean to offend you. Miss Hart. ” Teal stammered.

Jillian softened a bit. ” Forgive me , I’m just having a bit of a day. “

” Not a good screen test? Or something else? ” Teal asked easily shifting back to her cheery self .

Deciding to engage in the conversation Jillian responded. ” Well I saw an old friend of mine just awhile ago and it was kind of strange. It had been over two years since I had seen him. But the strange part is how I easily fell right back into the mindset I had back then. Funny how that works. “

” I understand that, we like to be a part of our friends and want them to be a part of us. “

” Maybe you’re right, maybe it’s that simple. ” Jillian agreed. ” Hey can I see you portfolio? ” She asked out of curiosity.

” Oh yes , would you please. I was going to ask you if you would take a look at it and tell me if I had made any mistakes. ” Teal said handing Jillian her portfolio.

Jillian looked it over. She noticed that Teal’s credits were smaller than her own list with one commercial she did at age ten and her credit on MeTV. Teal’s bio recounted her childhood and love of singing, dancing, and theatre. Her mothers death and the inspiration for her current hair trend. Then a strange thing happened. When Jillian got to the part about Teal’s physical attributes. Teal was five feet, three inches tall and had measurements of thirty six- twenty four- thirty six. Jillian continued to read the rest of Teal’s measurements. Hat size, dress size , etc. But she couldn’t help but imagine her friend Charles’s voice when reading. Jillian softly chuckled. ( What are the odds ? ) She thought to herself. Then she was about to hand the portfolio back when she noticed Teal’s age and birthday. It was August, 25, 2002. ( I hate to admit it but this is getting tempting. ) Jillian joked to herself.

” Well I see no problems with how you presented it. Looks good. ” Jillian politely said.

Teal’s eyes lit up. ” Cool, thanks for looking it over for me. I just wanted to make sur- “

Just then the door to the test screen room opened and the casting director stuck her head out. ” Kelly Anderson, Anderson ? You’re up. “

Turning to the director Teal said. ” I’m here. ” Then she turned back to Jillian.
” Thanks again for looking at that. Wish me luck. I would love to play Commander Rio!
She is such a strong character! “

She said with a wide grin and then she turned and skipped onto the next room.

( Commander Rio? That’s the part I’m test screening for ) Jillian thought to herself.

Jillian would be lying if she told anyone she was not a bit angry about that. She was told to be here at two O’clock and then she would have her scheduled test screening.

The casting director could see it on her face and said. ” Sorry there was a scheduling mix up. You were supposed to be here at three and Miss Anderson at two.

Jillian acknowledged her with a smile and a wave saying. ” No problem. “

Jillian spent to better part of an hour rereading her lines and memorizing them. She stood up and was contemplating a cigarette when Teal came bursting out if the room skipping and jumping up and down. She ran up to Jillian so fast that Jillian didn’t have time to react. Teal embraced her in a pint sized bear hug. Still jumping as she spoke Teal said to her.
” I got the part! I got the part! They said I was a bit young for what they imagined but they would be flexible with Commander Rio’s age because they wanted me so badly!! I’m so excited! I need to bleat this out on my Bleater page!”

Jillian could feel her body tempiture sharply rise. She was dangerously close to having a rather embarrassing moment. When she calmed herself down quickly and awaited the casting director to come out. The casting ditector came out into the room and called on Miss hart.

” Miss Jillian Hart? ” Seeing Jillian stand and begin walking toward her she added. ” I know you originally were here to do a test screen for the part of Commander Rio but we’ve decided to go in another direction with that character. So we are going to want you to read for the part of shimpazzio. “

For a moment Jillian couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She stood slack jawed in shock for a second.

” You mean Commander Rio’s side kick like character? ” Jillian finally asked.

Enough was enough. Jillian turned to Kelly still celebrating by updating her Bleater page . Jillian said.

” Hey congrats on the part. Hey can I give you my number? We can hang out. “

Oh my , yes that would be great! We’ll have so much fun. And could you teach me all a out how to be a movie star? Please? “

” Awesome here you go. ” Jillian replied .

” Miss Hart? Are you coming or what? ” The casting director asked with a bit of irritation.

” Yes ma’am. I’m on my way. ” Jillian confirmed. Turning toward Teal as she walked she said.

” I will talk to you later. Congratulations again and I’ll call you. See ya later. “

Forty minutes later Jillian got the part of the side kick.


August, 25 , 2020 6: 32 PM Regency Hotel down town Los Angeles

” Jill, have been so nice to me the last few weeks. I don’t know how to thank you. ” Teal said sweetly.

I’ve been in a good mood. My movie hit theatre’s, lots of controversy and great audience return. Things are good. I hope you liked your birthday gift. ” Jillian said gesturing to the clothes that Teal was wearing.

” An off the rack white Goddess Maxi dress ? Are you kidding I love it. ” Teal said
” Although in a way I feel overdressed and strangely underdressed at the same time.”
Teal joked.

Jillian laughed. ” No see when you want to show some leg you lean on one hip and then you show leg. If you don’t want to then just stand straight up. “

” You have been so sweet to me. ” Teal said while adjusting her new dress. ” I have to ask though. What are we doing out here? “

” Well I have one more birthday surprise for you. ” Jillian teased.

” Well what is it ? ” Teal eagerly asked.

” Its a surprise ya silly woman ” Jillian joked. Just then a Limousine pulled up a well dressed driver stepped out of the car and walked to the back opening the door and waiting.

” There is a very , how shall I put it, unique event that I very much want you to be a part of as a special birthday present for you. ” Jillian said with a big smile.

” What is it. ” Teal asked again.

” Just enjoy the ride and you can tell me all about it later. Now why don’t you go with this nice man . His name is Charles, he’s your driver. And there is also a body guard as well. I promise you’ll never forget this. ” Jillian said with a small sarcastic tone.

” Jill you are the best! ” Teal said giving her friend a hug. ” Okay I’m off on your adventure. I’ll talk to ya later okay. See ya.”
Teal turned to the vehicle and stepped inside.

Charles closed the door and wordlessly nodded to Jillian as he walked around the car. He got in and they all drove off.

Jillian turned and headed back to her suite in the hotel. ” I’m going to hell, strangely I’m okay with it. ” She softly said to herself as she walked.

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