Dark City Stories – Part 4 Martia the farm girl

by Shadow Spryte

By Shadow Spryte

August, 25 , 2020. 10:56 AM Paulson Bay

” No ma’am it’s pronounced MAR-TEEHA , Martia  , yes Martia Davenport. Oh, it’s August , 25 , 2002.  Thank you , no , no big plans. Okay so then I’ll just report to the administration building this afternoon?  Okay , one O’clock it is. Dress casual? Wow okay I will. Thanks so much. Bye. “

Martia clicked off her phone and looked at her friend.  ” Im nervous, I’ve never dreamed of working for a large company like that right out of high school.  They said if I get the job it will pay fifteen dollars an hour to start! “

Wow! That’s not bad at all.  I guess that ruins our plans for today though huh? “

” Aww Jess I’m sorry.  Can we go to the lake later when I get back? ”  Martia said.

” Sounds good. Just give me a call. I’ll  talk to ya later. ” Jess said then she jumped off the kitchen counter and left out the back door.  ” See ya “

” Bye hun”

Martia looked at the clock and decided she  had better get ready for her interview.

She went to her bed room and threw off her clothes. Then she dashed into the bathroom and jumped in the shower. Wanting to look nice she took extra care with her long wine colored hair as she washed it.  After her shower she got dressed. The woman on the phone told her that she could dress casual for her interview so she was going to do just that.

She chose a pastel yellow tank top and a comphy short sleeve white button down shirt over it. She decided on some nice fitting faded denim shorts. Not too shirt , but not long like the shorts her mother would wear. It was warm with a nice breeze so she thought it would be okay to wear some simple sandals.

After brushing her teeth she put on just a touch of make up.  Some eye liner and just a bit if eye shadow to make her beautiful  bright green eyes pop. Martia’s only make up sin was her love for bright cherry  red glossy lip stick. And on the occasions she did wear make up she insisted on wearing it. She hit her finishing touches with some jewellery  and she grabbed her purse and headed out the door to her interview.


August, 25, 2020 Paulson Bay  Edmonds’s import-Export Warehouse  10:56AM AM

” Is your name pronounced  Marsha? Oh okay I see thank you for clarifying.  So Martia Davenport is the full name on your application. Now I just want to confirm you date of birth. Well that’s today , happy birthday. Anything special going on today? Any big plans?  Hmmm , okay I found your application on file , so if you want to come on down later I can interview you. So how does one O’clock sound to you? Oh one more thing. We are a family type of environment so don’t worry about dressing up fancy or anything like that. Your welcome see you at one. Bye. ” Cindy hung up the phone holding in a giggle she turned toward her boss.

” That is going to be the easiest money we could make.  When you said we still needed a curvy , athletic red bed and this girl walked in  later that aftrrnoon and applied for a job, I was just stunned by that kind of luck. ”   

Tom nodded his head in agreement. ”  Yes the client seemed pleased when I told him we found what he was looking for. This money will allow us to expand our operations all over the state. This was a well paying job . But I’ll tell you what I find strange is the cooperation between all the gangs and crews involved.  We’re talking about a massive oporation involving over twenty separate crews and gangs. It’s unheard of. Well your little interview will be our first guest. I’m going to check on our holding facilities. So when the woman gets here offer her a drink of course and after she’s sedated we’ll  get her secured.”

” You got it boss.  ” Cindy said enthusiastically.

August , 25 , 2020 12:53 PM Paulson Bay

Martia was just pulling up  to the Edmund Import Export compound. She stopped at the guard shack and patiently waited for the guard to speak to her. As she waited she looked around and took in the sights. It was a big complex. Maybe even two city blocks  with tall barbed wire fence surrounding it with only one way to get in or out. She watched as what seemed like a lot of guards were at guard posts today as opposed to when she applied for the job just a couple of days ago. The guard finally came over to the side of Martia’s car as she rolled down the window.

” Name  “

” Martia Davenport “

” let me see some Identification please ”  The guard sternly said.

Martia got her I.D out of her purse and handed it to him.

The guard looked it over and handed it back to her. Then checking his clipboard he looked back  at her and said.

” I see it’s your birthday,  happy birthday Miss. Cindy Williams in the administration building will see you.  ” He said while pointing to where Martia needed to go.

” Thank you.  ” As the stop gate lifted open Martia drove her car to a parking spot right in front of the glass door entrance.   She got out of her car bringing her purse and her bottled water. It was a hot day and she had pre interview jitters. Martia entered the office building and confidently walked up to the receptionist.

” Hello. My name is Martia Davenport. I have a one O’clock interview with Cindy. I’m sorry I don’t remember her last name. ” Martia said.

” Oh yes just one moment let me call her and I’ll let her know you’re here. Just have a seat.  ” The receptionist said gesturing to a chair.

Martia was a bit nervous for this was the first job interview she had ever been to. Sure she worked on her parents farm but this was possibly her first real job. Her throat  was dry and she drank some of her water as she waited. After a few minutes a very well dressed woman came into the waiting room , seeing Martia she smiled and said. ” You must be Martia, I’m Cindy.  We spoke on the phone and I’m going to give you a quick interview. Why don’t you follow me. “

” Hi, nice to meet you. ”  Martia stood up and followed  Cindy. As they walked they engaged in small talk about the weather,  the heat of the day, and what Martia’s plans were for the rest of the day. As they walked and talked Martia thought they had walked though a lot of confusing doors and hallways.  She was going to need Cindy to show her how to get back out after the interview. They walked to the end of a hallway and went inside a comfortable looking room. It seemed more like a Lounge than office.  There was a small refrigerator and a sink with cabinets above it. Some snack items lined to counter from chips to cookies. It seemed like they were getting ready for a party.

” Make yourself comfortable Martia that couch is fine. This is an interview but I don’t see a need to be all formal. ” Cindy said.

” Thanks. ”  Martia sat on the couch and got comfortable.  Facing Cindy as she headed to the refrigerator.

” Can I get you something to drink?  We have juice, some coke, or even some coconut water.  Any of those sound good?”

” Oh no thank you,  I have some water. ” Martia replied.

” Wait what? ” Cindy asked.

” Oh I’m sorry I said I had some water. Here in my water bottle ”  Martia politely repeated herself. She took her bottle out of her purse and showed it to Cindy.

Cindy had dosed several different drinks to offer Martia. Now Cindy had a small problem for Martia was not going to partake in any of them.  She tried to hide it but Cindy’s mood visibly changed and she could see that Martia had noticed.

” Well alright then.  ” Cindy muttered.     

”  Let’s do this interview. ”  Cindy sat down opposite of Martia on the couch and began Martia’s fake interview.  

Martia did her best to answer all of Cindy’s questions  but she felt there was something wrong. She couldn’t say what , but she decided that working for this lady  was not for her so she started to try to steer the interview to a conclusion.

” Well it was a pleasure meeting you Martia. Before you go I have something for you. I’ll be right back. ”  Cindy said with a strained smile. Cindy got up from the couch and left Martia in the lounge.

Not entirely sure about how she felt about her interview Martia was ready to go. She wanted to get her friend Jess to go to the lake. Martia stood up , not wanting to wait for Cindy to return. As she moved toward the door a man opened it up and came in.

”  Are you  Martia Davenport? ” He asked her in a tone that made Martia a bit uncomfortable.

”  Yeah. “

” I’m going to need you to come with me please. ”  The man said in the same eerie tone.

” What for? ” Martia asked getting a little nervous.  Was she in trouble? Did she do something wrong?

” Miss come with me. Now! ”  The man said raising his voice. Martia  wasn’t sure what to think. But she did know one thing. She wasn’t going anywhere with this guy. He wasn’t a security guard.  So he had no authority in any way over her.

” No, not until you tell me what this is about! ”  Martia pleaded.

” I’m not playing games anymore , you get over here and come with me  or I’ll be forced to restrain you! ” He said while pulling out a pair of large zip ties from behind him.

Martia was a red neck farm girl  and her capacity for demureness had reached its limit. She took a step back and said.

” Oh no, you try to put those on me and I will kick your ass! You hear me? Stay away! “

” That’s it! ”  The man moved toward Martia reaching out for her and was totally caught off guard when he grabbed her wrists. Instinct took over and Martia stomped on the man’s foot . Then she leaned in and head butted his jaw. He was stunned and released his grip on her wrists. Martia grabbed his shirt with both hands while twisting to her right she threw him as he tripped on her extended  left leg. He went down hard. Panicked Martia wasn’t sure what to do next. So she reached down and picked up her assailants zip ties. Applying a pair to his wrists and the other to his ankles. Before he knew what happened Martia ran out of the room. In her panic to quickly leave she forgot her purse. Martia ran down the hallway checking behind her to make sure her attacker was not chasing her. In her shaken state Martia didn’t notice a door way open and Cindy with another man walk out. With her head turned behind her Martia crashed into Cindy and both of them tumbled down to the floor.   Cindy not aware of who it was jumped up brushing herself off and shouting as she turned to see the person responsible.

” Damn it what the hell  is the matter with you? You stupid son of a . . . . .  What the fuck are you doing loose? “

Martia’s heart sank. For a second she hoped that Cindy would be a source for help. She quickly stood up and started to take off further down the hallway.  When she heard the man with Cindy speak.

” Don’t  move girl or I’ll shoot. Now turn around. ”  

Martia slowly turned to face the man. Pointing his pistol at her he motioned for her to stand in front of him. Not knowing what was going on but not wanting to risk being shot Martia wordlessly did what she was told.

” Now slowly turn around and get down on your knees. ” He demanded.

Martia’s eyes misting up with tears she did what she was told.

” You little brat! Put you hands behind your back. ” Cindy commanded. Grabbing Martia’s hands and roughly put hand cuffs on her.  

” Why are you doing this? ”  Martia asked trying to hold back tears.

” Shut up! ” Cindy replied. Then she placed leg cuffs around Martia’s ankles.  The chain holding Martia’s ankles was long enough for her to walk but not run.

” I said why are you doing this you dumb bitch?!?! ” Martia screamed in desperation.

” Nope , I’m not listening to that  noise.” Cindy said. Looking at Tom she asked.  

” Do you have anything on you to shut this brat up?! “

Tom chuckled.  ” Yes, here. ” He pulled out two handkerchiefs  from his pocket stuffing one in Martia’s mouth and wrapping the other around her mouth and head effectively gagging her.

” Taking Martia by the arm Tom lead her down a series of hallways until he stopped at a door opening it up he forcefully shoved  her into a small ten foot by ten foot room with nothing in it but her. Tom simply closed the door and left. Stunned into disbelief Martia sat on the floor wondering what her future would bring.


” That little bitch got lucky! ”  Frank insisted.

” I don’t want to hear it She got the best of now get over it and learn from it okay? Take care of her car and track down that friend of hers named Jess.  That girl said her and Jess were going to the lake after the interview. Take care of it. This Jess can’t talk about where Martia went. “

” And the car? ” Frank asked.

” Sell it to the chop shop. Just get it  and do it fast. ” Tom said.

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