Dark City Stories – Part 3 Betrayal

by Shadow Spryte

By Shadow Spryte

August , 25 , 2020 7:16PM Los Angeles

Aliza grinned at her opponent as he wiped away the blood trickling from his nose.   

“You have enough? ” She asked with a feint but noticeable French accent.  

” Maybe next time you’ll think twice before grabbing a woman’s ass. ”  Still standing at the ready Aliza winked at her assailant. This was too much for Adam to take. He lowered his gaze and threw himself at Aliza. She had him right where she wanted him.

Adam reached out for her but Aliza ducked below his grasp as she spun around and swept his legs out from underneath him, knocking Adam to the ground and dazed.

” Enough ?!” Aliza asked again.

Looking at her from the ground in disbelief Adam nodded yes and grumbled.

” Enough, you win lady. “

Dusting her hands off in mock fashion like a  cartoon character she looked at him. ” Good, thought so. ” She said as she walked over to one of her two other companions. Holding out his hand Ron gave Aliza a pair of black leather pumps he was holding for her.

” Merci ”  Aliza sweetly said.

She slipped her heels on and looked at her crew members  with her hands on her hips lightly tapping her left foot.

Adam slowly got up and stumbled his way over to the others. With his lips pulled tight he said.  ” I apologize Aliza. I will not smack your butt again, no matter how hot I think you look. “

”  That’s better. Your apology is accepted. Well what do you want to do until my new friend shows up eh? ” Aliza asked with a giant grin on her lips.

” Well that depends on when your friend shows up. ” Grayson the leader said.

” But of course she’ll show up. I told you  that I would take her out to the Stardust club on her birthday for eighteen and older night. ”  Aliza replied. ” I figure we could dance awhile then I’ll slip her the sedative Into her drink and before she passes out I’ll  take her out of here to you guys. “

” And what do you think we’re supposed to do until then? ”  Grayson asked.

” Wait. ” Was Aliza’s only reply.  ” I’m going in to find her. Give me the  sedative.

Keep a look out for us no? ”  

With that Aliza turned and walked out of the alley toward the front door of the club.  All three men watched her slink away down the alley. She was wearing her pumps, a short mint green pleated  skirt with a black tight tank top that had a mint green skull and cross bones on it. She wore her raven black hair cascading down her back to just above her waist. It was accented by the pink streak she kept in her bangs and down the left side in one stripe.

Aliza rounded the corner and Adam looked at Grayson with a contemptible look on his face.  

” Why is this little bitch part of our crew? ”  he asked.

Grayson sighed and rolled his eyes while answering  him. ” Because she was specifically recommended. Don’t be mad just because she kicked your ass after YOU smacked her butt. “

All I’m saying , is that things have changed a lot since she’s come on board. And I mean A LOT!  ” Adam scowled.

Grayson didn’t have time for this.   ” Look we have a girl that we need to snatch can we talk about this later? “

” I don’t think she’s that bad. ” Ron interjected.

” Of course you don’t Ron. ”  Adam snapped back. ” You think if you do things like hold her shoes while she kicks my ass that you’re going to get some. It ain’t going to happen man. “

” Yeah , well , I’d rather hold a woman’s shoes than get my ass kicked by one. ” Ron said jokingly.

Adam poked Ron in the chest and growled

” Fuck you Ron! ”  

” That’s enough you morons. ” Grayson said with a raised voice.  Look all the girl has to do is give her the sedative and then under the false pretence of helping her home bring her to us and we all get one hundred and twenty five K apiece.  Now is that so bad? Look let’s just wait and she’ll bring us out our money maker and then we can go party. “

Adam shrugged and leaned against wall .

” Okay but you and I will  need to talk about this at some point . ”  

Grayson looked at Adam sternly. ”  No, we won’t. “


Everything came easy to Aliza. She was recommended  for this crew by a guy she used to flirt with. Her first job in this crew seemed  easy enough. Befriend the target and take her to a place where she was comfortable  , and vulnerable. She had been with the crew for three days and was on the cusp of making a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. Not bad for someone her age. Ron was putty in her hands  and she knew it. Grayson let her get away with an awful lot all things considering she was so new to the crew. It was Adam that was the problem. He would have to go. But that was something she had to think about for another time. Now she was on the job and she was having a small problem with it. She was going to go through with it, but she was going to regret it.  Her target was a young lady by the name of Mindy. Aliza liked her. She had cute purple colored medium length hair that she often wore in pig tails and beautiful emerald green eyes. When Aliza was introduced to her at a block party they hit it off immediately and they had a lot of the same interests. She was an opportunist though , through and through as much as she was going to regret it she was still going to turn over this girl to her crew and sell her off to some buyer up in Paulson Bay.  

After waiting in a small line to get into the club Aliza walked in and surveyed the scence. She saw Mindy at a booth by herself.  ( Well I might as well try to enjoy this a little. ) Aliza thought to herself. She playfully bounced up to Mindy.

” Hey Cheri !  You ready to have fun? ”  She asked.

Mindy’s eyes lit up and she said.  ” Hey girly gurl , yes I am! So I have this stupid black X on my hand so I can’t get any alcohol  but we can still dance. Im sure we can talk some nice guys into buying us drinks.

         ” I think those two will be a good start no?” Aliza cheerfully said as she pointed to a couple of guys near them.

The ladies introduced themselves and started chatting the men up. The next thing Aliza knew it had been nearly two hours later and her and her  friend Mindy were going strong.

Aliza was going to feel terrible about it but unfortunately now was the time.  While Mindy had her attention on one of the men they had been hanging out with Aliza  subtlety took out the sedative from her purse and mixed the powder into Mindy’s drink. Grayson had told her that  one sip should do it and it would take about five to ten minutes after Mindy drank it, that it would start to take effect.

After ten minutes of talking and drinking. Mindy turned to Aliza  and said in a low voice.

” Aliza hun,  I don’t feel good.  I’m , I’m really sleepy and I’m afraid Some one put a roofy or something in my drink. “

” Of course Cheri. Let’s go eh. Aliza will take care of you. Come, come. ”  Aliza took Mindy by the arm and held her up as they walked out the door. She took Mindy and walked her out toward the alley. As they walked together Aliza herself started to feel weak and unnaturally tired.  ( Did I accidentally drink her drink instead of mine. ) Aliza thought as they walked. Mindy herself was barely walking and Aliza was holding most of her weight. Mindy was out of it and Aliza was barely hanging on herself when fortune smiled upon her and the van pulled up next to  her as she and Mindy entered the alley.

” Sacr’e Bleu! You’re here! I , I,  have her. ” Aliza’s world went black after that .


Aliza opened her eyes to an assortment of different sounds. She heard Ron talking  though she couldn’t see him..

”  This is collector twelve, I have the candy wrapped and ready for delivery.  “

She was in the van  and the back doors were open. Standing a few feet outside were Grayson and Adam talking.

”  I didn’t say anything because . . . .  , look no offense but you and Ron can’t keep your  mouths shut. I mean she was specifically recommended. As the target.  I figured it would be better to deal with an annoying chick for a few days than have to hold her that long. I had no idea she could fight though so there was that entertainment.  “

Aliza was groggy and still confused as to what had happened. She was laying on her side and she tried to sit  and up and ask what was going on when she realized she was bound up tight. Her ankles were tied together, her legs just above her knees were bound. Her wrists bound and her elbows were tied tight. Aliza realizing her situation she started to furiously struggle.

” eeeh meh  nnnoooo! ” she screamed into her gag.

”  Oh sweety, relax. ” A familiar voice said from behind her.  She could feel an arm snake it’s way around her waist and under her shirt gently caressing her breast.

Mindy looked at Aliza and softly said.

” Did you really think that you were going to be a part of my crew? I’m sorry sugar but you were set up from the start. See Hank , the guy you would flirt with and tease all the time got a tip on some work. Some crazy  rich foreigner wanted to buy a large group of women. And they even had a list of what kind of women he was looking for. It just so happen that you fit one if those types. Sorry hun it’s nothing personal. There was one other thing about   that list. For some reason. All the girls on the list had to turn eighteen , today. Awww, that reminds me. Happy birthday Aliza. ” Mindy said with a wicked grin.

” Sit tight hun, it’s going to be a long drive we need to go clear up north to Paulson Bay. “

All Aliza could do was wait until they started the drive north to her uncertain future.  Aliza didnt want Mindy to ser her so she turned her face toward the floor as her eyes welled up with tears.

As Grayson and Adam got into the vehicle and  Adam asked. ” Mindy why all the trickery and deception anyway? “

Mindy laughed.  ” Because I thought it would be fun. “

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