Dark City Stories – Part 2 Pain and Pleasure

by Shadow Spryte

By Shadow Spryte

August, 25, 2020, 6:49 PM City of Los Angeles

Alise slowly opened her eyes. She was half awake and still groggy when she realized she could hear a voice talking.

” still celebrating his win in the Democratic primary former billionaire business man and Senate hopeful Kenneth Winterbourne will enjoy a few days off the campaign trail to spend time with his daughter Alise for her birthday celebration at the Windem hotel this evening. With his unconventional Conservative views on wanting tougher crime laws and claiming he wants to clean up corruption in local government Mr Winterbourne will make history if elected as one of a pair of first time senators to represent the new state of West Cali. In related news high profile local prosecutor Melissa Winterbourne will begin the trial of infamous gun dealer Carlo Vandauss next week. Carlo Vandauss was arrested two years ago when he tried selling weapons to an under cover FBI agent .The weather for West Cali – “

It took Alise a minute to realize she was hearing a radio. Alise looked around and started to get up off the floor she lay on.Suddenly panic took her as she realized she was bound and gagged. She desperately struggled to move.

” Mmmmph, Mmmmmph, Nuuuuuugh . ” Tied up like a girl in a made for TV Life Time movie Alise lay dumbstruck in the back of the van and quietly began to sob as she pushed and pulled at her bonds trying to wiggle free.

She managed to get up and balance herself on her knees. Looking out the front wind shield she saw two men. One fairly small with a black bandana on his head. The other was a large man in a tank top. He had two large scary looking sniper rifles in each hand. He handed one gun to the smaller man as he was talking. Alise was trying to make out what they were saying but they were too far away and the radio was still on , keeping her from clearly hearing them. Both men walked to the edge of the building and aimed their rifles at a building across the street. Following where they were aiming Alise’s heart stopped as she realized where they were. They were on the roof of a parking garage across the street from the Windem Hotel. Alise couldn’t see what or who the men were targeting but having high profile parents and the fact they were both at the Windem tonight Alise feared the worst.

Marko stood steady and zeroed in on his target. Mike hunched over resting his elbow on the railing to help brace himself.

” Okay Marko I’ve got the man right? And you have the woman? ” Mike asked for confirmation.

Without taking his eye of his target Marko replied. ” Yes, I’ve got the woman. Now fire at the same time on the count of three. We fire on three. One, two, three! “

Both men fired at the same time. As they watched through their scopes both of their targets were hit and fell to the floor. Dead on impact.

Alise watched in horror as time seemed to slow down to a crawl for her. She watched the men fire. She slowly watched as Marko’s face light up with a look of satisfaction. Mike did a slow motion fist pump and jumped in the air as if his team scored a touch down. Alise could feel herself choking up tears and she gave out the most fearful and primal scream her lungs and voice could produce only to have it muffled by her thick, tight gag. She past out of pure rage and sorrow knowing what just happened. Falling back to the floor she worked so hard to get up from.

Marko and Mike made a mad dash for the van and jumped in. Marko looked back at Alise and saw that she was in a different position than he remembered her in but she was still passed out.

” Well the girls still out. ” He murmured.

” At least she didn’t have to see that. ” Mike added .

Marko smirked ” Who cares if she did or not . All this is , is a pay check for us. It doesn’t matter to me what she sees. We got our targets and we suckered that kid into snatching her for us. With the money we made on the hit and selling her we’ll make some good bank! ” Marko triumphantly barked.

” I don’t mind a hit job, you know that, but this business about kidnapping women and selling them. It doesn’t feel right. I don’t like it at all. ” Mike admitted.

” Yeah well don’t get all white knight and shit on me dude. ” Marko sneered.

” I’m not. Let’s just get this over with as fast as we can. ” Mike asked while hurriedly driving away from the parking garage.

Marko sighed. ” Well now that we’re clear. We got a long drive ahead of us.”

August, 25, 2020, 3:37 PM Town of Lakeview Shores Twenty miles north of Los Angeles

Bang, bang, bang. The knock at the door startled Amanda. She rolled her eyes and pouted.

” Alright , just a sec. I’m coming. ” Amanda shouted at the door.

” Well not yet you’re not. ” Her boy friend said wryly. Amanda softly chuckled.

” You stay put , I’ll be back. ” Amanda purred as she hopped off the bed and threw a robe on.Then she headed to the front door. She threw open the door and sternly asked ” Yes ? “

Standing before her was a man a little older than she was. He was wearing business casual clothes and held a clip board in hand. He smiled and spoke.

” Good afternoon miss. I’m with the national census bureau. How are you today? “

” I’m fine, but I’m kind of busy can you come back another time? ” Amanda asked.

” I’m afraid not. ” The man said sullenly .

” What with history upon us as the next new state to the United States we need to get an accurate census. It will only take a few minutes of your time I promise. “

Amanda frowned. ” Okay , okay. ” She said with a hint of frustration. Let’s do this fast. “

” Okay I’ll need your name, date of birth, address and just a few other questions. “

” Fine, my name is Amanda, May, Hernandez. My date of birth is August, 25, 2002. My address is – “

The man interrupted. ” Oh wow today is your birthday. Happy birthday. “

” Uhh , yeah thanks. ” Amanda said with a confused look on her face. ” My address is – “

The census taker interrupted her abruptly.

” Well I’ll just write it down being on the wall and all. Thank you very much miss. “

For the first time since Amanda answered the door the man seemed like he noticed that She was only wearing a robe and he gazed upon her. After an awkward moment of silence and staring Amanda had enough.

” Umm okay thank you very much , later. ” She stepped back inside and quickly closed the door.

” Who was it babe? ” Her boy friend asked as she made her way back to the bed room.

” A census taker. ” She replied rolling her eyes. ” Now where were we? Oh yeah, we were going to lose our virginity and I was going to ride you like you were a Stallion! ” Amanda said with a sinful smile. She untied her robe and let it fall off her to the floor. Her boyfriend laid on the bed with a huge grin.

” Come and get it! ” He said, gesturing toward himself with his eyes.

Amanda climbed on top of him and the two lovers began to explore each other’s bodies. Both were nervous but excited.

Tyler walked down the alley looking behind him to make sure he wasn’t seen or followed. His three crew members were there waiting for him. Now comfortable that his cover wasn’t blown he relaxed both in his tone and mannerisms.

” Yo! It’s on, that’s her. And check this shit out she’s a white girl with blond hair. I never would have guessed that. “

” No fucking way, blond huh? I do like blonds. ” Henry said excitedly.

” Enough! ” The leader said with a ferocity of a wild beast. ” Did she show you an I.D.? “

” Well no, she showed me a whole lot. But not an I.D. She was only dressed in a robe hehe. ” Tyler said remembering when Amanda answered the door.

” Hell let’s get her she’s probably in the shower! ” Exclaimed Henry.

” Nah, better yet she’s got company. There are two cars parked in front of the house.”Tyler informed them.

Maybe it’s two women hehehe. Let’s go get em ! ” Henry suggested.

” No! Fuck that! Our job is Amanda Hernandez. No one else. It doesn’t matter if it’s her by herself, or if she’s with someone else or a crowd of twenty people. We go in and get her! We’ll secure the house. Secure our target, then we can pull the van into the driveway. And go out through the garage. Every body got your gear? “

A chorus of ” Uh huhs and yups” greeted the leaders ears.

Looking at the only one who hasn’t spoken yet since Tyler came into the alley. The leader asked. ” Hey Derek. You haven’t said a word. You have anything to say? “

Derek was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. Shaking his head as he said. ” Nope. I just want to get paid. Let’s go get that bitch. “

The rest of the crew noded. Donning some ski masks they quietly climbed the fence to Amanda’s back yard and moved in toward her house.

” Oh my God! YES! Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh ohhhhh , uuuugghhh! YEEESSS!!! ” Amanda screamed as she had felt nothing like this before. Lovingingly gazing down at her man. Her man! That’s right , he was her man. She thought at that moment that he could be the one. They had been friends all throughout their childhood. They went to the same small town schools. They lived in the same neighborhood as teenagers . They knew each other throughout their entire lives. When she was old enough he was even there for her when she became emancipated from her drunken mother and dropped out of school to work at the local mill as it’s receptionist. Maybe it was the greatness of the day. She had spent the whole day with him. Maybe because it was her birthday and this is what she wanted to do with her day. Maybe because she had just had sex for the first time and her emotions were in high gear. She was in the here and now and she came to the conclusion that she loved him. Yes she loved him! Still straddling him and looking down on him with loving eyes she softly said.

” Bryan. Honey I think I’m in love with you.”

Bryan lay on bed in awe for a second. Before he could respond a voice from behind Amanda grunted.

” I love your body Amanda! “

Two pairs of steely hands grabbed her from behind. One clamping their hand tightly over Amanda’s mouth while grabbing her wrist and pulling it behind her. The other pair grabbed Amanda’s other wrist and wrenched it behind her back while slipping a pair of zip ties over her wrists and tightening them with frightful speed. They lifted her off Bryan and stood her up. One of the men reached down and zip tied Amanda’s ankle’s as well.

All Amanda could do was watch with utter shock as two masked men began beating and wrestling her boy friend Bryan into submission. He to was zip tied at the ankles and wrists.

She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t muster a sound. All she could do was stand in shock, her mind trapped in disbelief as everything was happening so fast. She barely noticed when a rolled up cloth was placed in her mouth and then her mouth was tapped over with duct tape. One of the masked men picked Amanda up over his shoulder and went out to the living room where he waited. Another man ran out the front door only to return just a few minutes later through the garage door. The men were silent and said nothing to each other. The one carrying Amanda walked into the garage to a gray van with its back doors open. He carried Amanda inside and set her down on the floor of the van. Then two men got in the front of the van while the fourth got in back with Amanda and her captor. Still shocked beyond her current reality Amanda could hear that the two men were talking to her , or was it about her? She didn’t know. She couldn’t feel their hands on her as they fondled her relentlessly. She couldn’t even tell where she was at that moment. All she could do was repeat in her head the words.

‘ Bryan. Honey I think I’m in love with you.’

Over and over again.

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