Dark City Stories – Part 1

by Shadow Spryte

By Shadow Spryte

” It was a beautiful sunny day in the golden orange just like it always was in those days back in nineteen sixty eight. The temperature was a typical seventy two degrees. Already a nice day as it was the anniversary of Gun Free day. A national holiday made by President Johnson on the day he signed the Anti small arms act passed in nineteen sixty five. There was a parade planned for its third year to usher in the celebration of peace without fire arms. No one was prepared for what happened that day. History records that the earthquake was rated at a ten point zero on the richter scale. But looking back I’m told that it was probably closer to twelve. The quake literally ripped a large chunk of California off the coast and pulled it one hundred and sixty six miles west of previous it’s position as part of the coast of California. All the electricity was out. The newly formed island suffered massive flooding. At that time the only phone communication was by land line and those were destroyed as well. It was mass chaos. Fire’s, looting in the streets and a lack of clean potable water. The scariest environment imaginable. ” The teacher lectured.

” This was the darkest point in the history of Los Angeles. Now of course the city did rebuild. The only way to the newly formed island was by plane or by ship. As the years went by , even though the survivor’s of the disaster were slowly recovering. Power was not fully restored to the city or the rest of the outlying towns on the new island until nineteen seventy seven. It took just about ten years to fully restore everything.. The city of Angels became known as the city of fallen Angels or also , uncreatively known as dark city. That nick name has unfortunately stuck over the years. Not because of power outages anymore but because of the reputation our once fair city has gained. After the quake is when the gangs formed. The mob moved in while the city still burning but they helped set up the the city and the towns around Dark City. That early investment paid off as now various mob families run half the criminal element in the area. Corruption in local government runs rampant as well as in the education system. I also personal- “

” Mr Morgan! That’s enough. No one wants to hear what you personally think.” Principal Hyde interrupted him from the doorway.

” Ahh, principal Hyde. What can we do for you? ” The teacher asked with a forced smile.

” I need to speak to one of your students. Miss Winterbourne? Will you come with me please? ” The principal asked.

Alise looked up with a surprised expression. ” Really ? Me? ” She sweetly asked. ” What did I do? “

” Oh no it’s nothing like that. Your mother called. That’s what I want to talk to you about. ” The principal said as he gestured for Alise to follow him. Alise grabbed her back pack full of books and followed him out the door.

Some of the students rolled their eyes. Alise was always getting out of class because of her parents. Whether it was a special political event or a charity auction or even some grande ball Alise was always getting out of school for one reason or another.

Looking at the clock on the dash of his car David rolled his eyes. He was parked across the street from the high school and he was getting anxious. He was about to light a cigarette when he noticed the front door of the school open. As Alise walked out of the school David felt a shot of excitement run through him. Looking at Alise and back at a photograph of her on his lap. ‘ Thats her. Its now or never. ‘ He thought. He stared at her as she walked. Alise was wearing an open light denim jacket. A white tank top showing a lot of cleavage and tight acid washed skinny jeans. A simple pair of black flats and a black leather purse rounded out her look. David was busy undressing her with his eyes when he lost track of the moment and cursed himself as he watched Alise get into a limousine. Quickly starting his car he followed hers and started thinking about what he was going to do.

” Happy birthday sweetheart ! “

” Thanks mom ! ” Alise exclaimed as she smiled to her mother in their Face time conversation.

” I can’t believe you called me out of school! You are the best mom ever! “

” Well baby I’m in a good mood. Life is good you know. ” Alise’s mother confided in her. ” Your father recently won in his primary , next week I’ll start my trial against that evil arms dealer Carlo Vandauss, it’s your birthday! I mean you are almost the perfect child that a parent could ask for. “

” Almost? ” Alise teased.

” Well the only strike against you as far as I’m concerned is you dress a bit too provocatively for my taste. “

Alise rolled her eyes. ” But Mom, it’s 2020 I’m now an adult and I am just expressing myself. It’s not like I’m dressing like a hooker or something. ” She pleaded.

” Oh hun, I’m not trying to upset you. We have always raised you to be who you want to be. I’m not saying change , I’m just saying that I’m not as bold as you I guess. Anyway , if you want to , why don’t you go to the mall and buy a new outfit for the party tonight. Your father and I will both be there as we made sure we had scheduled it in our day. I can’t wait until you get to the hotel we have such a surprise for you!”

” Mom your the best! I’m sorry I got bitchy with you. Okay I’ll do that. I’ll see you at the party at seven O’clock ? ” Alise excitedly asked.

” Yes baby , seven O’clock. “

” I love you so , so very much Mom. I’ll see you then.” Alise gushed. She clicked off her phone and then sweetly asked. ” Driver? Could you please take me to the mall? “

” To the mall it is miss. ” Her driver replied. As he turned on his blinker and changed direction.

As David was tailing the limo he was surprised by it’s sudden turn. A turn he couldn’t make thanks to traffic. ‘ How could they possibly know I’m following them? ‘ He thought. In a desperate move he swiftly changed lanes and took the next right turn hoping to double back and catch up to them. After taking a few minutes another right turn and then a left turn David found himself behind his target again. He was relieved to see his mark turning into a parking garage. That’s where he would make his move. He followed the limo into the garage and parked ten parking spaces away from it. He watched as the driver got out of the car and opened the door for Alise. Then he returned to the driver seat as Alise ventured into the mall. After she was out of sight David left his vehicle and began walking toward the limo.

” What was I thinking ? ” Alise said to herself softly. She struggled to look at her phone to check the time. It was three fifty six PM. ” Oh no! I’m going to be late. I need to go all the way home , shower get changed and get back to the hotel by seven? I’ve got to have the driver step on it! ” Alise stammered as she began to pick up her pace and jog to the parking garage. When she reached the garage she started to run with shopping bags flailing behind her. She raised her hand in the air waving at the limo as she approached.

” Driver! Oh driver I’m running late. Please we have to get to my house as fast as possible can you help me with my bags?! “

Alise frantically asked.

Feeling confident in his disguise David quickly got out of the driver seat of the limo and walked around the vehicle toward the back of car. With his back to Alise. Alise hurriedly dropped her bags on the ground near the trunk of the car. Then she jumped in the back of the limo, waiting for her driver to put her belongings in the trunk. With his face angled away from his target David unlocked the trunk and tossed her bags on top of the bound and unconscious form of Alise’s real driver. David had her right where he wanted her. He closed the trunk and moved to the door where Alise sat waiting. David swung open the door as Alise looked up at him. She immediately realized that he was not her driver and she turned to escape out the opposite door.

” Oh my Gmmmph! ” She screamed.

David had reached around and clamped his hand with a chloroform soaked rag over Alise’s mouth. With his left hand he reached his arm behind Alise’s left arm and grabbed her right wrist effectively pinning her arms behind her.

” Nuugh, lleeth , suuupth, Mmmph ” Were the only sounds that Alise could softly utter before swiftly succumbing to slumber. When David was sure Alise was unconscious he turned and closed the limo door behind him so no one could see inside as he began to tie her up. After securely binding her ankles together and binding her wrists behind her back. David took two bandanas and stuffed her mouth with one while wrapping the other securely around her mouth.

David took out his phone and made a call. When the voice on the end picked up David spoke. ” Okay , umm , this is collector number 2 calling in. The package is wrapped and ready for transport. Where do I send it? “

There was a long pause on the other end of the call. Until a computerized voice gave the response. ” Head to the following GPS coordinates. They will be texted to you. When you get there look for a man smoking a cigar wearing a black bandana. Now go. “

David clicked off his phone and waited for his text. He didn’t wait long. After reading the coordinates he headed to the drop off.

After about a half an hour drive David found himself at another parking garage. He was further instructed to drive to the top of the garage and wait. It seemed like forever that he waited and David was getting anxious. He looked at the clock on the dashboard and it read seven thirteen. Just then a white van pulled up nearby and a man got out of it with a cigar in hand and wearing a black bandana on his head. David jumped out of the limo and walked up to him.

” Hey, I have some candy wrapped up if you’re interested. ” David quickly blurted out the code phrase.

” Oh good a seasoned pro. I like working with good people. ” The man with the bandana said sarcastically.

” Oh fuck that, look I’ve got the girl in back of the limo and – “

Thwack, thwack, thwack. Three silenced gun shots with deadly accuracy drilled into David’s chest. He never knew what hit him.

” I hate people like that. ” A large man in a dark green tank top said as he was exiting the van. Smoke rising from the barrel of the gun in his hand. ” I’ll put his body in the limo and get the girl out and into our van. “

” What an idiot. Fuck that kid! ” Marko growled.” He turned to his partner and ordered. ” Go ahead and do it but the window of our opportunity is getting smaller so let’s get ready for phase two huh?! “

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